About us

SAFA GmbH is a small, dedicated team specialising in the distribution of bird repellent products in Germany and abroad. We supply our customers from our location in Hamburg-Wandsbek. In contrast to other suppliers of similar products who rely on imports from the Far East, we have decided in favour of our own production. Most of our products are manufactured in Budapest, Hungary by our subsidiary SAFA Hungary Kft. This decision was primarily influenced by the proximity to suppliers of production materials and highly qualified skilled labour. This allows us to be involved in all stages of production, from the supply chain to the final product, and at the same time to react quickly to the needs of the market.
SAFA GmbH has been offering an extensive range of effective and humane bird repellent spikes for various applications for more than 10 years. During this time, our spikes have been installed on many thousands of roofs, facades or similar projections all over Europe - both in warm sunny regions around the Mediterranean and in cold areas with frequent snow and precipitation close to the Arctic Circle. The bird defence spikes ensure that buildings look neat and tidy and prevent damage from birds or bird droppings. In addition to private households, our customers also include many construction companies, pest controllers, property managers, local authorities and facility service companies.