Why is it necessary to combat pigeon infestations?
Pigeon infestations can have various negative effects, which is why it is important to take action to combat the problem. Here are some reasons why pigeon control may be necessary:
- Damage to buildings: the acidic pigeon droppings can accelerate the weathering of mineral parts of buildings and lead to damage. This particularly affects monuments, facades, gutters and other building components.
- Hygiene concerns: Pigeon droppings can contain pathogens and therefore pose a health risk. Bacteria, fungi and parasites can multiply, especially in areas with a high density of pigeons.
- Pollution: Pigeon roosts and breeding grounds often consist of a mixture of faeces, dead pigeons and nesting material. This soiling can cause unpleasant odours and make the surroundings unclean.
- Blocked gutters: Pigeon nesting material can easily get into gutters and clog them. This can lead to water damage to buildings.
- Noise nuisance: Pigeons can cause noise nuisance with their cooing and flapping, especially if they colonise in large numbers.
- It is important that pigeon control measures are carried out in a humane way to protect both the animals and the environment.

What options are there to completely protect a property from pigeons nesting or breeding there?
One common method is the use of bird deterrent spikes, which are considered the industry standard. The spikes are effective and inexpensive and can be installed by non-professionals as long as access to the site is easy. However, for high-rise buildings and large commercial buildings, it is advisable to seek the advice of specialised bird control experts. Another option is bird netting, which is also industry standard and in most cases should be installed by professionals.

I have a lot of pigeons on my roof specifically - why?
Pigeons often congregate on roofs for a number of reasons. On the one hand, they can look out from there over feeding places in the neighbourhood, such as restaurants, bakeries or fast food chains. Secondly, they also look for the roofs of residential buildings, as these often provide access to the attic where they can build their nests.

Is there a risk of injury to birds from our spikes?
The spikes we offer are safe for birds. The spikes have no sharp or pointed edges and are designed not to harm the birds, but simply to prevent them from perching on the affected area.

I have pigeons on my windowsill - how can I protect the windowsill?
You can use pigeon spikes to prevent pigeons from settling on your windowsill. The spikes should be placed on the windowsill itself, provided that the window is opened inwards or upwards. The spikes prevent the pigeons from having enough space to settle and build their nests. This will protect your windowsill from pigeons.

What do I do if I discover a pigeon nest in an area where I want to install deterrents?
It is best to get professional help to get the problem under control.